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Native American Blowfly Mythology (Blue-Bottle Fly)

Blowflies (also known as bluebottle flies) do not feature very often in Native American legends. They were traditionally associated with disease in many tribes because of their tendency to buzz around filth and carcasses, and like other swarming insects, blowflies were sometimes associated with curses or other evil magic. In the Ojibwe tribe, blue-bottle flies are associated with drought and in some communities, killing flies was thought to bring back the rain. In some southwestern tribes, on the other hand, flies were credited with bringing the first fire to the people.

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Native American Blowfly Gods and Spirits

Mastop Kachina (Hopi)

Native American Legends About Blowflies

How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite:
    Pima Indian legend including the story of how Blue Fly (a blowfly character) lit the world's first fire.

Recommended Books of Blowfly Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies:
    Book by a Karuk elder about the meanings of Indian animal spirits, including a chapter on blowflies.
Insect Mythology:
    Interesting book on the role of blowflies and other insects in world mythology, including Native North America and Mesoamerica.
Native American Animal Stories:
    Great collection of American Indian tales about animals, told by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.

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