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Native American Monsters of Myth and Legend

List of Native American Monsters from Various Tribes

Ice Cannibals
Lake Monsters
Sea Monsters
Stiff-Legged Bear
Giant animals
Giant birds
Little People
Nature Spirits

List of Specific Native American Monster Names

Aniwye (Ojibwe Indian monster)
Apotamkin (Passamaquoddy sea monster)
Asin (Alsea Indian monster)
Axeki (California Indian monsters)
Basket Woman (Northwest Indian monster)
Be (Bribri Indian monster)
Big Owl Monster (Apache Indian monster)
Big Water Snake (Blackfoot Indian monster)
Bush Indians (Alaskan Indian monsters)
Caddaja (Caddo Indian monster)
Chenoo (Mi'kmaq Indian monster)
Chepechcalm (Micmac Indian monster)
Cipelahq (Maliseet Indian monster)
Cullo (Maliseet Indian monster)
Deer Woman (Oklahoma Indian monster)
Flying Head (Iroquois Indian monster)
Gitaskog (Wabanaki Indian monster)
Giwakwa (Abenaki Indian monster)
Gux (Ahtna Indian monster)
Hairless Bears (Abenaki Indian monster)
Horned Serpents (East Coast sea monster)
Gougou (Wabanaki sea monster)
Gugwe (Micmac Indian monster)
Gunakadeit (Tlingit sea monster)
Headless Man (Wichita Indian monster)
Hiintcabiit (Arapaho Indian monster)
Kolowa (Creek Indian monster)
Lofa (Chickasaw Indian monster)
Loks (Wabanaki Indian monster)
Long Ears (Seminole Indian monster)
Man Eater (Southeastern Indian monster)
Man With No Head (Hidatsa Indian monster)
Mashe-Nomak (Menominee Indian monster)
Mhwee (Lenape Indian monster)
Mneto (Algonquian Indian monster)
Monkey-People (Athabaskan Indian monster)
Monster Bear (Iroquois Indian monster)
Monster Frog (Wabanaki Indian monster)
Nalusa Falaya (Choctaw Indian monster)
Nida (Omaha Indian monster)
*Oniare (Iroquois monster snake)
*Oniate (Iroquois undead monster)
Pamola (Penobscot Indian monster)
Piasa (Illini Indian monster)
Pukjinskwes (Wabanaki Indian monster)
Red-Woman (Pawnee Indian monster)
Rolling Head (Cheyenne Indian monster)
Rougarou (Metis monster)
Shampe (Choctaw Indian monster)
Sharp-Elbows (Ioway Indian monster)
Shunka Warak'in (Ioway Indian monster)
Sintholo (Choctaw snake monster)
Stick Indians (Northwest Indian monsters)
Stoneclad (Cherokee Indian monster)
Swamp-Woman (Wabanaki Indian monster)
Skadegamutc (Wabanaki Indian monster)
*Stiff-Jointed Bear (Innu monster)
*Stikini (Seminole Indian monster)
Stonecoats (Iroquois Indian monster)
*Tagesho (Shawenee Indian monster)
Tie Snakes (Southeast Indian monsters)
*Tlanuwa (Cherokee monster bird)
True Tiger (Miami Indian monster)
Tsiatko (Chehalis Indian monster)
*Two-Faces (Plains Indian monsters)
*Uktena (Cherokee lake monster)
*Unktehila (Lakota Indian monster)
Underground Panthers (Eastern Indian monsters)
Water Babies (Western Indian monsters)
Wechuge (Beaver Indian monster)
Weewillmekq (Maliseet Indian monster)
Windigo (Chippewa Indian monster)
Wocawson (Wabanaki Indian monster)

A Sampling of Native American Monster Stories

*An Abenaki Witch Story:
    Abenaki monster story about a man killed by the ghost of a witch.
*The Girl-Chenoo:
    Mi'kmaq Indian legend about a young woman transformed into a man-eating ice monster.
*The Girl and the Chenoo:
    Passamaquoddy Indian legend about the redemption of an ice monster.
*Mashenomak, The Fish Monster:
    The story of how the Menominee culture hero slew a man-eating lake monster.
    Innu legend about two bear cubs escaping from a monster.
    Innu legends about monsters who try to kill and eat unwary people.
*The Cannibal Rabbit:
    Cree legend about children who defeat a man-eating rabbit monster.
*Blood Clot Boy * Kut-o'-yis:
    The monster-slaying adventures of the Blackfoot hero Blood Clot Boy.
*The Monster Who Came Up The River:
    Cayuse monster legend about Coyote using his cleverness to save the people.
*The Voice, the Flood and the Turtle:
    Caddo myth about four deadly monsters who nearly destroyed the world.
*The Dangerous Water Monster:
    Caddo monster myth about lake and river serpents.
*Cannibal Basket Woman Defeated By Clever Kids * Cannibal Woman's Sister Eats Her Last Meal:
    Salish monster legends about the Basket Ogress capturing children.

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Recommended Books about Monsters in Native American Mythology
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When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Collection of Native American monster stories from various tribes, told by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.
Monsters and Magic: Myths of North and South America:
    Children's book of illustrated American Indian monster folktales from many different tribes.
Monster Tales of Native Americans:
    Another good collection of Native American monster mythology.
The Field Guide to North American Monsters:
    Entertaining book about monster folklore of Canada and the United States, including several Native American legends.
*Fantastical Creatures and Magical Beasts * Monsters: Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors * Giants, Monsters, and Dragons:
    Good compilations of monster myths from all over the world, including Native American monsters.

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