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Native American Legends and Stories About Dreams

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about dreams.

Native American Dream Spirits

Evaki (Bakairi)
*Mising (Lenape)

Native American Dream Stories

*The Importance of Dreaming:
    Abenaki Indian myth about the origin of dreams.
*The Creator Visits * Indian Summer:
    Wabanaki Indian stories in which the Creator communicates with the people through dreams.
*The Dream Fast * Opichi * Father of Indian Corn * Mon-Daw-Min:
    Ojibwe legends about dream questing.
*The Origin of Tobacco:
    Potawatomi story about a man who learned the secrets of tobacco in a sacred dream.
*The Origin of Corn:
    Menominee legend in which the people received the gift of corn in a dream.
*How Dogs Came to Live With the Indians:
    Menominee legend about a man welcoming the first dog because of his dreams.
*The Sacred Weed * A Tobacco Legend:
    Blackfoot legends about medicine dreams teaching the people to smoke tobacco.
*The Origin Of The Medicine-Men:
    Caddo legends about the first medicine dreams.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Boy Who Dreamed of an Acorn:
    Beautifully illustrated picture book based on a Chinook Indian legend about a boy's spirit dreams.
Dream Feather:
    Children's book by a Yaqui Indian artist about a child who follows his dreams.

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