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Native American Stories About Family

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about family.

Native American Family Stories

*The Girl and the Chenoo:
    Passamaquoddy story about a girl who turns an ice monster human again by adopting him as her grandfather.
*Tale of a Young Loon:
    Algonquin Indian legend about a loon family becoming reunited.
*Crow Necklace And His Medicine Ceremony:
    Interesting story of a warrior's conflicting loyalties between his birth family and his adopted family.
    Oral history from an elder illustrating traditional Dene family values.
    South American legend about a woman banished from her family for her stinginess.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Polar Bear Son:
    Charming picture book based on an Inuit legend about a woman who adopts a bear cub.
Many Hands: A Penobscot Indian Story:
    Picture book about a young Penobscot girl learning a lesson about family and community.

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