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Loucheaux Indian Tribe (Loucheux)

The Loucheaux Indians are an Athabaskan tribe of Canada, relatives of the Gwich'in and Han tribes. Their name has also been spelled Loucheux. The Loucheaux are speakers of the Gwich'in language, and the name Loucheaux is also used as a synonym for the Eastern Gwich'in dialect. In the past, the term "Loucheux" was commonly used to refer to eastern bands in what is now Canada while "Kutchin" was used to refer to western bands in what is now Alaska, but today, most of the people on both sides of the border prefer the Native term Gwich'in, and the term Loucheux is rarely used anymore.

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Loucheaux Culture and History Links

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Loucheaux Tribe:
Links pages about the Loucheaux.

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