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Abenaki Heritage

Q: My daughter is part Abenaki from her Dad's heritage. She is interested in "joining" the Abenaki tribe. Can you provide info for her to investigate?

Many thanks and peace to you

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A: Do you know which specific Abenaki tribe her father's family belongs to? Is it located in Canada, or the United States?

Membership requirements vary from tribe to tribe, but basically, your daughter will need to trace her genealogy back to her Abenaki ancestor, and then show this genealogy work to the tribe. Genealogy is not really my specialty, but here is Orrin's new page on Native American genealogy: It provides some good starting points for your search. I also like to recommend the book Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy. It provides an excellent introduction to the subject, especially for beginners, and many of our site's users have reported that it helped them track down an elusive ancestor. You could also try joining a genealogy service which can provide you with more direct assistance tracing your family tree.

Good luck with your search!
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