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Mbya Guarani (Mbia, Mbyá)

Mbya is one of the tribes of the Guarani nation of South America, and also the name of their dialect of the indigenous Guarani language. The Mbya language is different enough from other forms of Guarani that many linguists consider it a distinct language. Mbya is spoken in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. There are around 20,000 speakers of Mbya in these countries today.

The tribal name "Mbya" comes from the indigenous word for "people," while "Guarani" comes from a word meaning "warriors." Both names are commonly used by the community. In some parts of Brazil the name "Bugre" is also used, but that name is considered derogatory by many Mbya people and is not preferrred today. The Mbya Guarani language is also known as Brazilian Guarani. Mbya subgroups include the Tambéopé and Baticola. Alternate spellings of these names include Mbia, Mbyá, Mbiá, Mbua, Mbwa, and Mbü'a.

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Mbya Guarani Language Links

Human Rights: Brazilian Guarani:
    Translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the Brazilian Guarani language.
Words of Life: Mbya Guarani * Mbya Guarani * Language Museum: Mbya Guarani:
    Translations of Bible stories and Christian prayers into the Mbya Guarani language.
Guarani Language Tree:
    Theories about Guarani's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Lexico Mbya Guarani:
    Portuguese-Guarani dictionary, available online in PDF format.
Musica Guarani:
    Audio recordings of several traditional Ñandeva and Mbya Guarani songs. Page is in Portuguese.
Wikipedia: Guaraní:
    Encyclopedia article on Guarani and its dialects.

Books for sale on the Mbya Guarani
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Jabuti the Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon:
    Colorful picture book telling the story of the trickster turtle Jabuti from the Tupi-Guarani tribes of Brazil.
*Tourism in Northeastern Argentina: The Intersection of Human and Indigenous Rights with the Environment:
    Case study about the effects of ecotourism on the Mbya Guarani people.

Maps of Mbya Guarani Lands

Original People of Brazil:
    Tribal map of Brazil showing the location of the Mbya Guarani tribe.
Paraguay Language Map:
    Map showing the region of Paraguay where Mbya Guarani is spoken.
Argentina and Chile:
    Map showing where in Argentina the Mbya are located.

Mbya Indian Lifestyle and Traditions

The Guarani Mbya Tribe:
    Online ethnography of the Guaranies of Brazil.
Os Indios Guarani:
    Overview of the Guarani of Brazil, with photographs. (Page in English.)
Biography: Mbya:
    Oral history from Guarani elders. Site in Portuguese.
Guarani Indian Legends:
    Collection of Guarani legends and folktales.
Indigenous Rights: The Guarani:
    Article on the history and political situation of the Guarani tribe.
In Rio de Janeiro, Indigenous people fight to undo centuries of erasure:
    News article on the contributions of Tupinamba and Guarani people to Brazilian history and culture.
Contemporary Guarani Shamanisms:
    Anthropology paper on tribal rituals and traditions among the Brazilian Guarani today.
Mbya, tierra en rojo:
    Documentary film about the lifeways of the Argentinian Guarani.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Mbya Guarani:
  Bibliography of Guarani language resources.
  OLAC: Mbya Guaraní:
  Reference lists of Guarani language materials.
  Wikipedia: Mbya Guarani People:
  Encyclopedia articles about the Mbya Indians.
  Pueblo Indigena Mbya Guarani * Tribu Mbya * Los Mbyás:
  Information about the Mbya tribe in Spanish.
  Os Guarani Mbya * Cultura dos Povos Guarani Mbya e Kaingang:
  Information about the Mbya tribe in Portuguese.

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