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Native American Legends: Seatco (Siatco)

Name: Seatco
Tribal affiliation: Chehalis, Klallam, Puget Sound Salish, Yakama
Alternate spellings: Siatco, Tsiatko, Ts'iatkw, See-ah-tik, See-atco, Seeahtkch, Seeahtlk, Tsiahk, Seeahtik
Also known as: Stick Indians, Night People
Type: Forest spirit, Bigfoot
Related figures in other tribes: Sasquatch (Coast Salish), Woodmen (Athabaskan)

In Salishan mythology, Seatco are large, hairy wild men of the forest. There are two different kinds of Seatco that appear in folklore: powerful but comparatively benign forest spirits sometimes referred to as Night People (similar to the Sasquatch of the Halkomelem tribes,) and fearsome, malevolent man-eaters sometimes referred to as Stick Indians. The two beings are often confused in folklore and anthropology alike, because it is believed to antagonize these spirits to call them by their true names, so general terms like Seatco (which just means "spirit,") Night People, and Stick Indians are much more commonly used by Northwest Native Americans.

Seatco Stories

The Story of Stick Indians or Tsiatko:
    Legends about the Stick Indians from the Puyallup tribe.

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