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Southern Santee Tribe

The tribal name Santee is one that has caused much confusion, since it has been applied to two Native American tribes in entirely different parts of the country. Most people have heard this name in reference to the Santee Dakota, one of the major divisions of the Sioux Nation with several communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. The name of the Santee Dakota comes from a placename in their own language, Isanti, which means "knife place." However, there was also a second, much smaller tribe in South Carolina known as "Santee." Their tribal name came from the word Santa in their language, which was their name for the river that ran through their territory and meant "rapids." Both tribes did speak Siouan languages, but they were only very distantly related to each other-- similar to the relationship between English and Russian (which are both Indo-European languages, but cannot be understood by speakers of the other language.) Few records remain of the southern Santee language, but it seems to have been similar to Catawba, and may have been a Catawba dialect. The Southern Santees were devastated by European diseases and warfare, and merged into the neighboring Catawba tribe in the early 1700's, where most of their descendants remain today. Other Santee people still live in scattered communities within their original South Carolina territory.

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Santee Tribe:
Santee links page.

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