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Totonac Indian Language

Totonac is a Totonacan language of central Mexico, spoken by around 250,000 people there. There are many Totonac dialects, many of which are quite different from each other and difficult for speakers of a different dialect to understand. For this reason, linguists often consider there to be between four and nine distinct Totonac languages, rather than just one. Totonac is an agglutinative language and has SVO word order.

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Totonac Language Resources

Our Online Totonac Materials

Totonac Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Totonac language.

Totonac Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Meso-American Native Languages
     Map showing the areas in Mexico where the Totonac language is spoken.
UDHR: Totonaco Language:
     The Universal Declaration of Human Rights translated into Totonac.
Totonaco Necaxa Prayer * Totonaco de Coyutla * Totonaco de Xicotepec de Juarez
    Sierra Totonaco * Totonaco de Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán * Totonac de Papantla:
    Translations of Christian prayers into the Totonac languages.
Language Museum: Totonaca de la Sierra:
    Totonac translation of a Biblical passage.
Misantla Totonac:
    Wikipedia article about the Southeastern Totonac language.
Coyutla Totonac * Highland Totonac * Lowland Totonac * Tecpatlán Totonac
    Ozumatlán Totonac: * Upper Necaxa Totonac * Yecuatla Totonac * Northern Totonac * Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán Totonac:
    Demographic information about the Totonac languages from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Totonakan Language Tree:
    Theories about Totonacan language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Misantla Totonac Language Structures * Papantla Totonac Language Structures * Sierra Totonac Language Structures * Xicotepec Totonac Language Structures:
    Totonac linguistic profiles and academic bibliographies.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Totonac: * Misantla Totonac: * Northern Totonac: * Papantla Totonac: * Sierra Totonac:
Bibliography of Totonac language resources from the Endangered Languages Project..
   Totonac Tribe * Totonac People:
    Encyclopedia articles about the Totonacs.
   Lengua Totonaco:
   Information about the Totonac language in Spanish.

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