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Tupi Indian Language (Tupí)

Tupi is an extinct Tupian language of Brazil.
Like other Tupian languages, it was agglutinative and had fairly free word order.

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Tupi Language Resources

Language Museum: Tupi:
    Translation of a Bible passage into Tupi.
La Lengua Apinayé:
    Tupi language information including a linguistic map of Brazil. Page in Spanish.
Tupi Language:
    Demographic information on Tupi from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Southern Tupí Language Tree:
    Theories about Tupi's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Books for sale on the Tupis

Jabuti the Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon:
    Colorful picture book telling the story of the trickster turtle Jabuti from the Tupi-Guarani tribes of Brazil.
Native American Indian Books:
    Evolving list of books about Native Americans in general.

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