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Acolapissa Indians

The Acolapissa Indians were a small tribe of Louisiana, relatives of the Choctaw Indians. Their language was poorly attested, but was probably a dialect of Choctaw. The Acolapissas were originally politically distinct from the Choctaws, having multiple villages and a substantial territory of their own, but they were devastated by disease in the 1700's and merged into the Choctaw and Houma nations, where most of their descendants live today.

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Acolapissa Language Resources

Choctaw Language:
    Dictionary, pronunciation guide and language learning worksheets for the Choctaw language.

Acolapissa Culture and History Links

Acolapissa Tribe:
    Acolapissa tribal history.
Acolapissa Tribe History: * Acolapissa Indians:
    Early 20th-century articles about the Acolapissa people.
Looking back on Native American history in Pearl River County:
    Archaeological information about the Acolapissa people, with pictures of museum artifacts.
    Wikipedia article on the Acolapissa Indians.
Tribes of the Louisiana Territory:
    Historical information about the Acolapissas and other Native Americans of Louisiana.
Four Directions: Acolapissa:
    Timeline and links about Acolapissa history.
Mississippi Archaeology:
    Map of Acolapissa and other historic tribal sites of Mississippi.
Native People of Fontainebleau:
    Map of Choctaw and Acolapissa Indian sites in the Lacombe area.

Books for sale on the Acolapissa Indians
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Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley:
    Book on the history of the Gulf and Mississippian tribes, including a chapter on the Acolapissa.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Los Acolapissa:
Information about the Acolapissas and their language in Spanish.
Louisiana Indians:
Information about the indigenous culture of Louisiana.
Acolapissa Social Studies Resources:
Acolapissa links.

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