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Cathlapotle Indian Tribe

The Cathlapotle Indians were a small tribe of Oregon, relatives of the Chinook Indians and speakers of Clackamas, an Upper Chinook (Wasco-Wishram) dialect. They have also been known as the Quathlapotle or Cathlapote. Like many other West Coast Indian tribes, the Cathlapotle people were relocated to the Grand Ronde Reservation in Oregon during the 1800's, where they were merged with other native peoples and their languages rapidly vanished. The Cathlapotle language is no longer spoken today, but today the Grand Ronde tribes are working to revive the old Chinook Jargon trade language, which played an important role in their shared history.

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Cathlapotle Language Links

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Cathlapotle Culture and History Links

Cathlapotle Tribe History:
    Article on the Cathlapotles from the Handbook of American Indians.
Cathlapotle Plankhouse * National Wildlife Refuge: Cathlapotle Plankhouse * Celebrating the Cathlapotle Plank House:
    Websites about the Cathlapotle Chinookan cultural center.
Cathlapotle Town Site:
    Article about the history of Cathlapotle settlement in Oregon.
Oregon Encyclopedia: The Cathlapotle:
    Article about the Cathlapotle tribe.

Books for sale on the Cathlapotle Indians

A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest:
    Book on the history of the Northwest Coast tribes, including a section on the Cathlapotle.

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