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Ch'ol Indian Language (Chol Mayan)

There are two Ch'ol languages, Tila and Tumbala. They are Mayan languages of Mexico. Some linguists consider them distinct languages, but most consider them dialects of a single Ch'ol language. Tila and Tumbala Ch'ol speakers can usually understand each other fairly well. They are spoken by a combined 120,000 people in Chiapas, Mexico.

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Our Ch'ol Language Materials

Ch'ol Vocabulary:
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Ch'ol language, with comparison to words in other Mayan languages.
Ch'ol Maya Pronunciation Guide:
    How to pronounce Ch'ol words.
Ch'ol Maya Animal Words:
    Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Ch'ol language.
Ch'ol Maya Body Parts:
    Online and printable worksheets showing parts of the body in Ch'ol.
Ch'ol Maya Colors:
    Worksheet showing color words in the Chol language.
Ch'ol Numbers:
    Worksheet showing how to count in the Ch'ol Maya language.

Ch'ol Language Resources

Map of Meso-American Tribes
     Map showing the areas in Guatemala where Chol is spoken.
Diccionario Ch'ol:
    Online Spanish-Ch'ol vocabulary file. PDF format.
Omniglot: Ch'ol:
    Profile of the Ch'ol language including a phonological inventory, orthography and a text.
Ch'ol de Sabanilla Prayers:
    Ch'ol translation of the Lord's Prayer.
Lengua Chol:
    Information on the Ch'ol language, including a linguistic map of Mexico. Page in Spanish.
Wikipedia: Ch'ol:
    Brief encyclopedia entry on the Ch'ol language.
Tumbala Ch'ol * Tila Ch'ol:
    Demographic information about Ch'ol from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Ch'ol Language Tree:
    Theories about Chol's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Chol Language Structures:
    Ch'ol linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
Diccionario Ch'ol de Tumbal√°, Chiapas:
    Spanish-Ch'ol dictionary for sale online.

Ch'ol Culture and History Links

Ch'ol People:
    Encyclopedia articles on the Ch'ol Indians.
Whose Land Is It?:
    News article about the Chol Indian struggle for sovereignty in modern Mexico.

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Books for sale on the Choles

Four Creations: An Epic Story of the Chiapas Mayas:
    Collection of legends of the Tzotzil and Ch'oles for sale online.
Riverine Maya: The Torquegua and other Chols of the Lower Motagua Valley:
    Anthropology book on the Chol Mayas of Mexico.
Notes on the Ethnology of the Ch'ols:
    Another anthropology text specifically about the Ch'ol Mayas.
The Ancient Maya:
    Excellent historical overview of ancient Mayan civilization in general.
Indian Books:
    Evolving list of books about Mayas and Native Americans in general.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Endangered Languages Project: Chol:
Bibliography of Chol language resources.
Los Choles: * Pueblo Ch'ol:
Information about the Ch'oles in Spanish.

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