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"Anishinaabek" is an alternate spelling of Anishinabek, which is a name the Ojibway and Algonquin people use for themselves in their own language.

Here are links to our webpages about the Anishinaabek tribes and languages:

 Algonquin language
 Ojibwe language
 Anishinaabe words
 Anishinabe people
 First Nations of Canada
 Eastern Woodlands cultures

Here are links to more Internet resources about the Anishinaabek people:
 Map of Great Lakes Anishinaabek Tribes
 Wikipedia: Anishinaabek
 Anishinaabe Culture

And here are a few good books about the Anishinaabek:
 Voices of the Anishinabe People
 Before and after the Horizon: Anishinaabe Artists
 Anishinaabe Mino-Bimaadiziwin: The Way of a Good Life
 Life in an Anishinabe Camp

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