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"Jibaro" is a general term used by outsiders to refer to several different Amazonian tribes of Peru and Ecuador, including the Shuar, Achuar, Shiwiar, Maina, and Aguaruna tribes. Although the origins of this word are not definitely known, it was probably a Spanish corruption of the tribal name "Shiwiar," since "sh" and "w" sounds are difficult for Spanish speakers to pronounce.

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Jibaro Resources

Here are links to our webpages about the Jibaro tribes and languages:
 Shuar language
 Achuar-Maina language
 Shuar culture
 Achuar and Shiwiar tribes
 Amazonian tribes
 Jibaro language family
 Tsantsa: Jibaro shrunken heads

Here are links to some online resources about the Jibaro tribes:
 Jivaro Culture
 The Shuar (Jibaro) People
 Wikipedia: Jibaros
 Encyclopedia Britannica: Jívaro
 Catholic Encyclopedia: Jibaro Indians

Books about the Jibaros

Here are a few good books about the Jibaro tribes:
 The Jivaro: People of the Sacred Waterfalls
 Jivaro: Head-Hunters Of The Amazon
 In the Society of Nature: A Native Ecology in Amazonia
 Upriver: The Turbulent Life and Times of an Amazonian People

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