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Migueleño (Migueleno)

There are at least three different Indian tribes referred to by the Spanish name "Migueleño" (or "Migueleno"):

1) "Migueleño" is an alternate name for the Akatek Maya tribe. Both these names derive from the name of their chief village, San Miguel Acatán.

2) "Migueleño" refers to one band of the Salinan tribe of California, and to their dialect of the Salinan language. Like many Indian tribes of Southern California, the Migueleños were named by the Spanish after the Catholic mission they lived closest to, which was San Miguel Arcángel.

3) "Migueleño," more commonly spelled Miguelenho, is an alternate name of the Puraburá language of Brazil. This name comes from the river whose banks the tribe lives on, Rio São Miguel.

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