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Sitting Bear

There were at least two prominent Native American leaders of the 19th century who went by the name Sitting Bear:

1) The Kiowa war leader Satank (also spelled Setangya, Set-angia, or Set-ankeah), who led Kiowa warriors against the US army in the 1860's and early 1870's.

2) The Arikara tribal chief Kunuhtiwit (also spelled Ku'nu'h-tiwit or Ku-nuh-ti-wit), son of the important head chief Rushing Bear. Kunuhtiwit assumed leadership of the Arikara tribe during the late 1800's.

Although these two men are sometimes confused with each other due to their names having the same translation, they lived in different regions (Satank in Kansas, Kunuhtiwit in North Dakota) and slightly different time periods (Setank died in 1871, and Kunuhtiwit was chief of the Arikaras from 1881-1915.)

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