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Hare Tribe (Hares)

The Hare Indians are an Athabaskan tribe of northern Canada. The Hares are relatives of the Slavey tribe, and their language is closely related to Slavey.

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Names: "Hare Indian" or "Hareskin Indian" are English names for their tribe; in their own language, the people call themselves K'ahsho Got'ine (also spelled K'asho Got'ine, Kawchottine, Kawchodinne, and other ways.) The Hares have also been known as the North Slavey, due to their close association with the Slavey tribe. Today they commonly use the more general term Sahtu Dene (also spelled Sahtú), which refers to several related bands including the Hares, the Delines, and the Mountain Dene.

Hare Language Links

Sahtúot’ı̨nę Yatı̨́:
    Sahtu language information including pronunciation, orthography, and place names.
Hare Language Tree:
    Theories about Hare language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
North Slavey:
    Demographic information about Hare/North Slavey from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Hare Language Plaque:
    Canadian human rights tributes written in Hare Athapascan.

Hare Tribal and Community Links

Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated (Sahtu Dene Council):
    Political and economic coalition of Hare, Deline, Mountain Dene, and Metis people in the Northwest Territories.
Fort Good Hope Band: * Behdzi Ahda First Nation (Colville Lake):
    Tribal profiles of the Hare First nations.
Dene Nation:
    Organization supporting the interests of the Sahtu and other Dene peoples of the Northwest Territories.

Hare Culture and History Links

Hare Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers for young readers about Hare culture.
Kawchodinne Tribe History:
    Article on the Kawchodinne/Hare tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
Sub-Arctic Tribes of Canada:
    Map showing the location of the Hare and Mountain Dene tribes.
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Hare:
    Online exhibit of Hare artifacts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Canadian Encyclopedia: Hare Band: * Wikipedia: Hare Tribe: * Britannica: Hare People:
    Encyclopedia articles on the Hare Indians.

Books for sale on the Hare Indians
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End-of-Earth People: The Arctic Sahtu Dene:
    Interesting book on the history and culture of the Sahtu/Hare people of Colville Lake.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Endangered Languages Project: Bearlake/North Slavey:
Bibliography of Bearlake language resources.
Hare Tribe:
Hare links page.

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