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Mountain Dene Indian Tribe (Mackenzie, Tulita)

The Mountain Dene Indians are an Athabaskan tribe of northern Canada. The Mountain Denes are relatives of the Hare tribe and speakers of a Hare dialect.

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Names: "Mountain Dene" is an English translation of the tribal name Shita Got'ine (also spelled Shuta Got'ine and other ways.) The tribe has also been known as the Mountain Slavey (due to their close association with the Slavey tribe) and the Mackenzie Mountain Indians or Mackenzie Indians (after the Mackenzie Mountains, which are located in their territory.) The Mountain Dene also call themselves by the more general term Sahtu Dene, which refers to several related bands including the Mountain Dene, the Hare tribe, and the Bear Lake tribe.

Mountain Dene Language Links

Mountain Slavey Language Tree:
    Theories about Mountain Dene language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Hare Language:
    Our resources about the Hare language, including Mountain Dene.

Mountain Dene Tribal and Community Links

Dehcho First Nations:
    Political coalition of Dene and Metis communities in the Northwest Territories, including the Mountain Dene of Tulita.
Tulita Land Corporation:
    Tribal administration for economic development and land usage at Tulita/Begade Shotagotine First Nation.
Tulita Dene Band:
    Tribal profile of the Tulita First Nation.
Dene Nation:
    Organization supporting the interests of the Mountain Slavey and other Dene peoples of the Northwest Territories.

Mountain Dene Culture and History Links

Subarctic Tribes of Canada:
    Map showing the location of the Hare and Mountain Dene tribes.
Four Directions: Mountain Dene:
    Timeline and links about Mountain Dene history.

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