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Native American Indian Ghosts of Myth and Legend

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about ghosts.

Names of Native American Ghosts from Various Tribes

Cipelahq (Maliseet Indian ghost)
Dry Hand (Iroquois Indian ghost)
Long Black Being (Choctaw Indian ghost)
Lost Elves (Caddo Indian ghost)
Rolling Heads (Plains Indian ghost)
Scalped Man (Arikara Indian ghost)
Skadegamutc (Wabanaki Indian ghost)
Swamp Woman (Wabanaki Indian ghost)

Native American Ghost Stories

*Mashpee Ghost Story:
    Mashpee Wampanoag story about a woman tested by a ghostly sailor.
*Kuloscap and the Ghost:
    A humorous Native American story about the Abenaki culture hero losing his pipe to a ghost child.
*An Indian Ghost Story * The Lost Hunters:
    Wabanaki Indian ghost stories about a man killed by an undead witch.
The Real Ghosts:
    Potawatomi story about an orphan whose respect for ghosts turns him into a leader of his tribe.
*Big Eater's Wife:
    Pequot legend about a ghost-witch who killed her husband.
*The Lame Warrior and the Skeleton:
    Story of an Arapaho warrior rescued by a ghostly visitor.
*The Deserted Children:
    Gros Ventre legend about two abandoned children who escape from a deadly ghost and gain powers.
*The Ghost Stallion:
    Ghost story about a greedy and abusive man punished by a magical horse.
*True Faith * The Cree Way:
    Oral history from Cree elders about ghosts of the dead returning to share wisdom with their loved ones.
*How the Worm Pipe Came to the Blackfoot * Origin of the Worm Pipe:
    Blackfoot legends about a man who traveled to the ghost world in search of his wife.
*The Ghost Dancers:
    Cherokee legend about the Sun's attempt to bring her daughter's ghost back from the dance of the dead.
*Coyote and the Origin of Death: * How Death Became Eternal:
    Myths from the Caddo tribe about the origin of ghosts.
*The Lost Timber Spirits:
    Caddo legends about ghost monkeys created by improper burial in the early days of the world.

Recommended Books about Ghosts in Native American Mythology
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Eerie collection of Native American ghost stories and legends of dangerous supernatural creatures.
Ghosts, Spirits & the Afterlife in Native American Folklore and Religion:
    Interesting book about concepts of death in Native American cultures, including information about different kinds of tribal ghosts.
Ghost Walk: Native American Tales of the Spirit:
    A book of Native American stories and legends about interactions with benevolent spirits of the dead
    (which are more common in Native American mythology than ghost-monsters are.)
Brave Bear and the Ghosts:
    Picture book based on a funny Lakota Indian folktale about an irreverant man who is not afraid of ghosts.

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