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Native American Winter Mythology

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about wintertime.

Native American Winter Gods and Spirits

Flint (Iroquois)
*Shakok (Pueblo)
*Windigo (Anishinabe)
*Winter-Maker (Anishinabe)

Native American Legends About Winter

How Glooscap Found Summer: * How Glooskap Found The Summer:
    Wabanaki legends about the the culture hero Glooskap defeating Winter and creating the seasons as we know them today.
*Indian Superstitions And Legend:
    An excerpt from Potawatomi author Simon Pokagon's autobiography, including a legend about the four season sisters.
*The Hell-diver and the Spirit of Winter:
    Chippewa Indian legend about a stalwart grebe withstanding winter's fury.
The First-Born Sons Play Ball:
    Ojibwa legend about Winter-Wind defeating the birds at lacrosse.
*The Dream Fast:
    Ojibwe legend about why dream questing should not be done in winter.
*The Story of Winter Snow:
    Potawatomi Indian legend about a winter wizard who turned two boys into snow.
*The Crane and the Otter:
    Assiniboine legend about a mother crane who defeats winter to save her son.
*Snow Boy:
    Lenape myth about a magical winter child.
*The Four Directions:
    Delaware Indian myth about the origin of winter weather.
*The First Winter:
    Nipmuc myth about the Great Spirit creating winter to punish ungrateful people.
*Spider Woman and Coyote:
    Achumawi story about the animals working together to end winter.

Recommended Books of Winter Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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The Winter Solstice:
    Children's book describing winter folklore and ceremonies around the world, including Native North and South America.
The Messenger of Spring:
    Picture book based on a Native American legend about winter making way for spring.
Shingebiss: An Ojibwe Legend:
    Children's book depicting an Ojibwe (Chippewa) legend about a persevering duck who defeats the spirit of winter.

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