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Legendary Native American Figures: Matanto (Matantu)

Name: Matanto
Tribal affiliation: Lenape, Munsee
Alternate spellings: Matantu, Mahtantu, Matantoow, Mtantoow, Mtan-toow, Muttontoe, Mahtan'tu, Matantu
Pronunciation: muh-tun-toh or muh-tun-too
Type: Antagonists, evil spirits
Related figures in other tribes: Atlantow (Mohican), Hobomok (Wampanoag), Okeus (Powhatan)

In Lenape mythology, Matanto is the manėtu (spirit) of death. He was portrayed as a destructive, often evil being usually in opposition to Ketanėtuwit. Matanto is associated with bats, stinging insects, and poisonous plants, all of which he is said to have created. After the introduction of Christianity, Lenape people frequently identified Mahtantu with the Devil.

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