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Legendary Native American Figures: Sint-Holo

Name: Sint-Holo
Tribal affiliation: Chickasaw, Choctaw
Alternate spellings: Sint Holo, Sintholo
Pronunciation: seent-hoh-loh
Also known as: Sinti Lapitta
Type: Horned serpent, snake spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Uktena (Cherokee), Big Water Snake (Blackfoot), Gitaskog (Abenaki), Apotampkin (Passamaquoddy)

Sint-Holo is the great horned serpent of Choctaw and Chickasaw folklore. Although the great serpent is dangerous and may drag people to a watery death, it is also a powerful spirit guide that appears to certain people during fasting and bestows spiritual gifts upon them. As with other horned serpents of east coast tribes, Sint-Holo is the avowed enemy of the Thunder spirits, who can defeat him with their thunderbolts.

Sint-Holo Stories

*The Horned Serpent Story:
    A Chickasaw woman tells her family's stories about Sintholo the Horned Serpent.

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