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Native American Legends: Spring-Boy

Name: Spring-Boy
Tribal affiliation: Crow, Arapaho
Also known as: Spring Boy, Thrown-In-Spring, Thrown-Into-The-Spring
Native names: Baha-wua-ci'tu, Bahaa Awuuasshiituua
Pronunciation: bah-hah-woo-ah-shee-too-uh
Type: Indian hero twins
Related figures in other tribes: Long-Teeth (Arikara), Wild-Boy (Caddo), Thrown-Away (Hidatsa)

Spring-Boy is one of a pair of mythological twin heroes from Crow folklore known as the Sacred Twins. Spring-Boy grew up in the wilderness while his brother, Curtain-Boy, was raised by their human father.

Spring-Boy Stories

*Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away:
    Crow legend about the two mythical brothers Thrown-Behind-The-Curtain and Thrown-In-Spring.

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From the Heart of the Crow Country:
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Myths and Traditions of the Crow Indians:
    Classic collection of Crow legends and folklore.

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