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Native American Legends: Utakke

Name: Utakke
Tribal affiliation: Carrier
Alternate spellings: Utakké, Yutakki, Yuttore, Yuttoere, Yutarre, Yagastaa
Pronunciation: varies by dialect. Our Carrier volunteer says yoo-tock-key.
Type: Creator god, high god, sky spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Nesaru (Arikara), Kitche Manitou (Chippewa)

Utakke is the great sky god of the Carrier tribes. He is a benevolent creator spirit who sometimes intervenes to help people in distress. His name means "He who lives on high."

Utakke Stories

*The Magic Feather and the Four Culture Heroes:
    Carrier legends about a sister and three brothers who are given blessings by Utakke.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Musdzi Udada the Owl:
    Bilingual picture book relating a Carrier Indian legend.

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