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Native American Creator Gods

Native American Creation Gods from Various Tribes

Ababinili (Chickasaw Indian Creator)
*Above Old Man (Wiyot Creator)
Agu'gux (Aleut Creator)
Ahone (Powhatan Indian Creator)
Akba Atatdia (Crow Creator)
Ayanat Caddi (Caddo Creator)
*Breath-Maker (Seminole Creator)
Coyote (West Coast Indian Creator)
Earth-Maker (Hochunk Creator)
First Creator (Mandan Creator)
Gitchi Manitou (Anishinabe Creator)
Great Spirit (Many tribes)
Isha (Shoshone Indian Creator)
Ixtcibenihehat (Gros Ventre Creator)
Jamul (Achumawi Indian Creator)
Keri and Kame (Bakairi Creator Gods)
Kickerom (Lenape Indian Creator)
Kisulkw (Mi'kmaq Indian Creator)
Kujuli (Wayana Creator God)
Kururumany (Arawak Creator God)
Maheo (Cheyenne Creator God)
Makonaima (Cariban Indian Creator)
Mopo (Apalai Creator God)
Mukot (Cahuilla Creator God)
Nesaru (Arikara Creator God)
*Nitosi (Dene Creator)
Old Man (Blackfoot Creator God)
Q'uq'umatz (Mayan Creator God)
Raweno (Iroquois Creator God)
Saya (Beaver Indian Creator)
Sibo (Bribri Indian Creator)
Silver-Fox (Northern California Creator)
Sipakmat (Cocopa Creator God)
Spider Above (Arapaho Creator God)
Spider Grandmother (Hopi Creator Goddess)
Tabaldak (Abenaki Creator God)
*Tamuchi (Carib Indian Creator)
*Tirawa (Pawnee Creator)
*Unetlanvhi (Cherokee Creator)
*Wakanda (Omaha Creator)
*Wakan Tanka (Sioux Creator)
Yuttore (Carrier Creator God)

Native American Creator Stories

*Abenaki Creation Story * Kloskurbeh and the Creator:
    Abenaki stories about the creation of the world by the Great Spirit.
*The Creator Visits:
    Micmac story about the Native Creator blessing a poor family for their hospitality.
*Nipmuc Creation Story:
    Nipmuc legend about the Muskrat helping the Creator Cautantowwit to create the earth.
*Grandmother's Creation Story:
    Cree legend about the Creator making the first animals and the first people.
    Oral history from a Cree elder illustrating traditional beliefs about the American Indian Creator.
*The Great Medicine Dance:
    Cheyenne tale about the Indian Creator teaching a medicine man the mysteries of the Sundance.
*Achomawi Creation Myth * Atsugewi Creation Story:
    California Indian stories of the creation of the world by the dual creators Silver-Fox and Coyote.
*Dotson'Sa, Great Raven Makes The World:
    Athabaskan legend about Raven the Creator.
*Gizhemanidoo and the Creation:
    Mythology about the Ottawa Indian Creator god, Gizhemanidoo.
The Creation of the World:
    Myth about the Gros Ventre Indian Creator and the origin of the earth.
Creator and the Corn:
    Arikara legend about the creation god Nesaru and the origin of corn.
Maya Creator Gods:
    Article about the pantheon of Classical Mayan creator gods.
*Creator and the Humans:
    Chickasaw myth about the Creator assigning the elements different roles to play in the lives of men and women.

Recommended Books about Creator Gods in Native American Mythology
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Manitou and God:
    Interesting book on the similarities and differences between Algonquian and European views of the Creator.

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