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Qualicum Tribe

The Qualicum Indians are a First Nations tribe of Canada. The Qualicum are a mixed community, made up of both Coast Salish and Kwakwaka'wakw people. Although no aboriginal languages are natively spoken on the Qualicum reserve any more, heritage languages for the inhabitants include Pentlatch, Halkomelem, and Kwak'wala.

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Qualicum Language Links

Pentlatch Language:
    Our resources about the Pentlatch language.
Halkomelem Language:
    Our resources about the Halkomelem language.
Kwakwala Language:
    Our resources about the Kwakiutl (Kwak'wala) language.

Qualicum Culture and History Links

Qualicum First Nation:
    Homepage of the Qualicum band of British Columbia.
BC First Nations: Vancouver Island:
    Map showing the locations of the Qualicum First Nation and other Vancouver Island Native groups.
Qualicum Tribe History:
    Article on the Qualicum tribe from the Indian Tribes of North America.
Parksville-Qualicum Beach News: Chief Recalma * Qualicum First Nation chief takes historic seat:
     News articles about Qualicum chief Michael Recalma.
Qualicum First Nation:
    Wikipedia article on the Qualicum Indians.
Four Directions: Qualicum:
    Timeline and links about Qualicum history.

Books for sale on the Qualicum Indians
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Dictionary of Up-River Halkomelem:
    Halkomelem dictionary for sale online.
Coast Salish Essays:
    Interesting series of articles on Coast Salish culture, religion, and traditional lifestyle.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Qualicum Tribe:
Qualicum links page.

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