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Plains Indian Sign Language

Plains Indian Sign Language is a remarkable pidgin sign language devised by hearing Native Americans in order to communicate cross-tribally. There have never been native signers of this language, but it is still used as a second language for storytelling purposes among many of the Plains Indian tribes.

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Plains Indian Sign Language Resources

Native American Sign Language
     Movie clips of seventeen words being signed
North American Indian Sign Language
     Article on Plains Sign Language, its origins, and its usage
Indian Sign Language Dictionary
     Alphabetical glossary of English words with their Plains Indian signs
House of Languages: Plains Indian Sign Language:
    Information about American Indian sign language usage.
Proper Names in Indian Sign Language: * Tribal Signs:
    Excerpts from a 19th-century book about Plains Indian signs.
Plains Indian Sign Language
     History and demographics from the Ethnologue of Languages

CD's And Books For Sale On The Plains Indian Sign Language
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Wiyuta Assiniboine Storytelling
     Wonderful CD-ROM of stories told in Nakota and Plains Indian Sign Talk, with English translation.
Indian Sign Language
     Book for sale presenting history, translations, and dialectology of Plains Sign Talk

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