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Native American Legends: The Thunders

Name: Thunders
Tribal affiliation: Iroquois Indians, Wyandot
Also Known As: Thunderers, Thunder Beings, Thunder Men, Onditachiae, Ondiaachiae, Hadiwennodagyes, Hadiwennoda:dye's, Plétho, Pletho
Type: Nature spirit, thunder, lightning
Related figures in other tribes: Thunderbirds, Animikii, Wakinyan, Binesi

The Thunders are a clan of powerful storm spirits who live in the sky and cause thunder and lightning. They are usually described as winged men, although in some accounts they have the heads of turkeys and in others they shapeshift back and forth between human form and giant birds. Although they are dangerous beings and their gaze can bring death to mortal men, the Thunders usually play a positive role in Iroquois legends and spirituality and are typically portrayed as honorable and fair. In some Iroquois legends, the leader of the Thunders is a divine being named Hinon.

Stories about the Thunders

*The Four Thunders:
    Story of a mistreated teenager who became a Thunder's wife.
*The Thunder Boy:
    The story of a Thunder's son.
    Huron and Tobacco Indian myths about the Thunders.

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