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Waccamaw is an extinct Siouan language of the Carolinas, probably related to Catawba. There are still Waccamaw people living along the border between North and South Carolina today; however, their language has not been spoken in centuries, and no records remain of it but a few lists of placenames.

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Waccamaw Tribal and Community Websites

Waccamaw Siouan Tribe:
    Homepage of the state-recognized Waccamaw tribe of North Carolina.
The Waccamaw Indian People:
    Homepage of the state-recognized Waccamaw tribe of South Carolina.
Waccamaw Indian People of Conway, South Carolina * Waccamaw Raven Tribe:
    Websites of other Waccamaw tribal and cultural organizations.

Waccamaw Culture and History Sites

Waccamaw Tribe:
    History and genealogy of the Waccamaw Indians.
NCPedia: Waccamaw Indians:
    Article about the history of the Waccamaw tirbe.
North Carolina American Indians: Waccamaw Siouan:
    Educational page for teachers and students about the Waccamaw people.
Four Directions: Waccamaw:
    Timeline and links about Waccamaw history.

Books for sale on the Waccamaws
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Waccamaw Legacy: Contemporary Indians Fight for Survival
     Interesting book about the modern-day Waccamaw tribe and their cultural traditions.
Good Native American Books:
    Evolving list of books about Waccamaws and American Indians in general.

Additional Resources, Links, and References

   Waccamaw Indians: * Waccamaw Siouan:
    Wikipedia articles about the Waccamaw tribes.
Tribus Siouan de Carolina:
Information about the Waccamaw and other Carolina Siouans in Spanish.

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