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Blood Tribe Culture and History

People: The Blood Indians, also known as the Kainai, are one of the major cultural divisions of the Blackfoot Confederacy of the northern Plains. Traditionally, the Bloods lived primarily in what is now Alberta, Canada. However, due to intermarriage among Blackfoot bands and traditional nomadic lifestyles on the Northern Plains, there have also been Blood people living in the neighboring areas of Montana, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Today, most Kainai people live on the Blood Tribe in Alberta, but Blood descendants can also be found among the Blackfeet Nation, Siksika First Nation, the Piikani First Nation, and in local non-tribal communities in Montana and Alberta.

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Names: The true origin of the tribal name "Bloods" is disputed. Some people believe it is a translation of the Blackfoot word Aaapan, "blood," possibly referring to a traditional blood soup, or that it might have been a mistranslation of the Blackfoot word Aapi, "white," referring to the ermine-skin regalia worn by Blood chiefs. It may have also first been given to them by the Cree or Kutenai tribes, with whom they often fought. The people call themselves Kainai in their own language, which means "many chiefs" and comes from a tribal legend. However, they also continue to use the English name Blood Tribe, which is not considered derogatory. Alternate spellings that have been used for "Kainai" include Kainaiwa, Akainawa, Akainaa, and Kainaa, and Kaina.

Our Blood Websites

Blackfoot Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Blackfoot language, spoken by the Bloods and their relatives.
Blackfoot Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about the Blackfoot tribes.
Blackfoot Legends:
    Collection of Kainai and other Blackfoot Indian legends and origin stories.

Blood Tribal and Community Websites

Blood Tribe:
    Homepage of the Kainai First Nation in Alberta.
Blood Tribe Chief and Council:
    Facebook page of the Blood Tribe administration.
Kainai Board of Education:
    Information on the Blood Tribe's educational department and tribal schools.
Blood Tribe Agricultural Project:
    Homepage of a tribal organization promoting economic development on the Blood reserve.
Blood Tribe Police Service:
    Homepage of the tribal police department.
Blood Tribe Department of Health:
    Homepage of the Blood Nation's community health care system.
Blood Tribe Land Management Department:
    Homepage of the tribal organization that oversees land use administration on the Blood Indain reserve.

Books for sale on the Bloods
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My People, the Bloods:
    Good history book about the Blood Indian tribe.
Blackfoot Ways of Knowing:
    Excellent book on the cultural knowledge, traditions, and worldview of the Blackfoot people.
Blackfoot Stories of Old:
    Full collection of Blood Indian mythology and oral traditions, in Blackfoot and English.
Standing Alone:
    Biography of a contemporary Blood Indian.
Native American Indian Books:
    Evolving list of books about Piikanis and American Indians in general.

Maps of Blood Indian Lands

Distribution of First Nation Reserves in Alberta:
    Map showing the location of the Blood Indian band in Canada.

Blood Lifestyle and Tradition

Blood Tribe * Kainai * Kainaiwa Nation * Blood/Kainai Indian Bands:
    Akainawa (Blood) culture, society, and people.
Kainai (Blood) Indians:
    Online exhibit of artifacts from the Blood tribe.
Beverly Hungry Wolf * Daughters of the Buffalo * The Ways of My Grandmothers * The Blood People:
    Shadows of the Buffalo * Children of the Circle * Children of the Sun * Legends of the Old People:
    Blackfoot Craftworker's Book * Powwow Dancers *Traditional Dress * Teachings of Nature:
    Famous Blood authors Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf.
Mike Mountain Horse:
    Profile of Kainah author Mike Mountain Horse.
    History of the Blood Nation in Canada.
History of the Blood Tribe:
    Kainai Blackfoot history.

Blood Politics, Issues, and News

Kainai News:
    Canadian First Nations newspaper based on the Blood Indian reserve in Alberta.
Fentanyl brings tragedy to Blood Tribe * Blood Tribe looks to tackle drug crisis:
    News articles about social issues on the Blood Reserve.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

   Wikipedia: Kainai Nation:
   Encyclopedia articles on the Blood tribe.

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