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Algonquin Moons

Algonquin pronunciation

By request, here are the names of the Algonquin months of the year. Note, these months do not correspond exactly to the months of the Western calendar. This is because Algonquin people use a lunar calendar, so the Algonquin year has thirteen shorter months in it, one for each full moon of the year. They are:

1) Kinozidj Kìzis, Long Moon (January)
2) Akakodjìsh Kìzis, Groundhog Moon (February)
3) Nika Kìzis, Wild Goose Moon (March)
4) Kàwàsikotòdj Kìzis, Breaking Ice Moon (April)
5) Wàbigon Kìzis, Flower Moon (May)
6) Odehimin Kìzis, Strawberry Moon (June)
7) Miskomin Kìzis, Raspberry Moon (July)
8) Oditagàgomin Kìzis, Blackberry Moon (July or August)
9) Mandàmin Kìzis, Corn Moon (August)
10) Kagàkone Kìzis, Harvest Moon (September)
11) Namegos Kìzis, Trout Moon (October)
12) Adikameg Kìzis, Whitefish Moon (November)
13) Pìdjipibòn Kìzis, Arriving Winter Moon (December)

The names of the months vary somewhat from community to community. Some Algonquin people call Kinozidj Kìzis "Manidò Kìzis" (spirit moon) or "Àbitapibòn Kìzis" (midwinter moon) instead. Also, although this order of the months is the one used today, it is influenced by the Western calendar. Traditionally, the first month of the year was Wàbigon Kìzis in Algonquin tradition.

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