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Native American Legends: Blood-Clot Boy (Katoyis)

Name: Blood-Clot Boy
Tribal affiliation: Blackfoot
Blackfoot name: Katoyis, Kutoyis, Kut-o-yis, Katoyisa
Pronunciation: kuh-toh-yiss
Also known as: Blood Clot Boy, Bloodclot Boy
Type: Hero, Poor boy
Related figures in other tribes: Rabbit-Boy (Sioux)

Katoyis, the Blood Clot Boy, is a mythical Blackfoot hero who has many adventures slaying monsters and wicked people. Katoyis got his name (which literally means a clot of blood) because of his magical origin, springing from a blood-clot left over after a stingy hunter denied meat to his hungry parents-in-law. From then on, Blood Clot Boy was always pursuing justice and standing up for the weak.

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*Blood Clot Boy * Kut-o'-yis:
    Blackfoot saga of the hero Kutoyis (Blood Clot Boy).

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