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Chief Crowfoot of the Blackfoot Tribe

Crowfoot was a Blackfoot Indian leader of the 19th century. His Blackfoot name was Isapo-Muxika (also spelled Sahpo Muxika, Issapoo-Mahksika, Issapóómahksika, Is'sapomahksika, and other ways,) which literally means "Large Crow Foot." As was typical of Plains Indian men, Crowfoot actually went by many different names during his lifetime, including Bear Spirit and Packs A Knife. Crowfoot was a family name he inherited after his elder brother's death. Crowfoot was born into the Kainai (Blood) tribe of Alberta, but joined the Siksika tribe as a child when his widowed mother married a Siksika warrior, and later grew up to become chief of the Siksikas. Crowfoot was known as both a warrior and as a skilled diplomat who successfully negotiated peace between Canada's government and the Blackfoot tribes. Chief Crowfoot died of illness in 1890.

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Books about Crowfoot

Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfeet:
    Biography of the Blackfoot Indian chief Crowfoot.
The Canadians: Crowfoot:
    Another book about Crowfoot and the history of the Blackfoot tribe in the 19th century.
Blackfeet and Buffalo: Memories of Life Among the Indians:
    Collection of Blackfoot oral histories including several about Crow Foot.

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