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Pied-Noir (Pieds-Noirs)

"Pied-Noir" is an alternate name for the Blackfoot tribe. It literally means "black foot" in French, and was a translation of the tribal name Siksika (which also means "black foot.")

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"Pied-Noir" has become a confusing term for many people. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the term Pied-Noir was only used to refer to Blackfoot Native Americans, but in the 1950's, it began to be used to refer to ethnic French Algerians, and to other North Africans of European descent. In French, Pied-Noir is still used interchangeably to refer to either group of people, but in English, modern references to Pieds-Noirs almost always refer to the North African communities (whereas older historical texts are always referring to the Blackfoot Native American tribe.)

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