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Native American Legends: Ekeko (Ekako)

Name: Ekeko
Tribal affiliation: Aymara
Alternate spellings: Ecaco, Iqiqu, Eqaqo, Ekhako, Ekako, Ekhekho, Equeco, Keko, Ekkeko
Pronunciation: varies by dialect: usually eh-keh-koh or eh-kah-koh
Type: Fertility god, lucky charm

Ekeko is the Aymara trickster hero and god of fertility, luck, and wealth. Even today, little statues of Ekeko are kept as good luck charms by many Aymara people.

Ekeko Stories

Ekeko, the Andean Prosperity God:
    Article about traditions and superstitions associated with Ekeko and the Alasita festival in the present day.
Wikipedia: Ekeko:
    Encylopedia article about Ekeko rituals.

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Mountain of the Condor: Metaphor and Ritual in an Andean Ayllu:
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