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Native American Words

Each vocabulary page includes twenty basic words for each language, compared to the same words in related Amerindian languages. Hopefully that will be enough to give you a sense of how similar or different these languages are, and also the chance to learn a few Native American words in a language of your choosing. For more extensive language information including pronunciation, spelling systems, sentences and usage, please visit our Amerindian language menu and choose the specific language you are interested in from the list. Translators for some of these languages can also be contacted through our Native American Words program. If you speak an American Indian language and would like to contribute a vocabulary set for your language, please let us know. Wado, miigwech, pilamaya ye, and thanks to all!

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Native American Word Sets Currently Available:

Algonquian Language Family

Abenaki/Penobscot words
Algonquin words
Anishinabe words
Arapaho words
Atikamekw words
Blackfoot words
Cheyenne words
Cree words
Etchemin words
Gros Ventre words
Kickapoo words
Lenape/Delaware words
Loup A
Loup B
Lumbee/Croatan words
Maliseet/Passamaquoddy words
Menominee words
Meskwaki/Sauk words
Miami/Illinois words
Mi'kmaq/Micmac words
Mohegan/Pequot words
Mohican/Stockbridge words
Montagnais Innu words
Munsee Delaware words
Nanticoke words
Narragansett words
Naskapi words
Ojibway/Chippewa/Ojibwe words
Potawatomi words
Powhatan words
Shawnee words
Wampanoag words
Wiyot words
Yurok words

Arawakan Language Family

Achagua words
Aikana words
Amarizana words
Amuesha words
Anauya words
Apurina words
Arawak words
Aruan words
Ashaninka words
Baniva words
Baniwa words
Bare words
Baure words
Cabiyari words
Canamari words
Caquetio words
Caquinte words
Carutana words
Cawishana words
Chamicuro words
Chontaquiro words
Curripaco words
Garifuna words
Guana words
Guajiro words
Guarequena words
Guinao words
Inapari words
Inyeri words
Irantxe words
Island Carib words
Jumana words
Kariai words
Karipuna words
Machiguenga words
Maipure words
Manao words
Mandawaka words
Mapidian words
Marawa words
Marawan words
Mariate words
Mawakwa words
Mehinaku words
Mojo words
Nomatsiguenga words
Paicone words
Palikur words
Paresi words
Pase words
Paunaca words
Piapoco words
Piro words
Resigaro words
Saraveca words
Shebayo words
Taino words
Tariano words
Terena words
Wainuma words
Wapishana words
Waraiku words
Waura words
Wirina words
Xiriana words
Yabaana words
Yavitero words
Yawalpiti words
Yucuna words

Athabaskan Language Family

Ahtna words
Babine words
Western Apache words
Beaver words
Carrier words
Chipewyan/Dene words
Clatskanie words
Deg Xitan words
Dogrib words
Gwich'in words
Haida words
Hupa words
Kaska words
Kato words
Koyukon words
Mattole words
Navajo words
Sarcee words
Sekani words
Tanana words
Tlingit words
Tolowa words
Tututni words
Wailaki words

Barbacoan Language Family

Awa Pit words
Cara words
Chachi words
Coconuco words
Colorado words
Guambiano words
Pasto words
Telembi words
Totoro words

Caddoan Language Family

Arikara words
Caddo words
Kitsai words
Pawnee words
Wichita words

Cariban Language Family

Akawaio words
Akurio words
Apalai words
Arara do Para words
Atruahi words
Bakairi words
Camaracoto words
Carib words
Carijona words
Chaima words
Cumanagoto words
Enepa words
Hixkaryana words
Ingariko words
Ikpeng words
Japreria words
Kaxuiana words
Kuikuro words
Macushi words
Mapoyo words
Matipuhy words
Maquiritari words
Pemon words
Saluma words
Shikiana words
Tamanaku words
Trio words
Waiwai words
Wayana words
Yabarana words
Yaruma words
Yukpa words

Chibchan Language Family

Bari words
Bogota words
Boruca words
Bribri words
Buglere words
Cabecar words
Changuena words
Chibcha words
Corobici words
Cueva words
Cuna words
Damana words
Dorasque words
Duit words
Huetar words
Ika words
Kankuamo words
Kogui words
Maleku words
Ngabere words
Nutabe words
Rama words
Teribe words
U'wa words

Gulf Language Family

Atakapa words
Bidai words
Chitimacha words
Natchez words
Tunica words

Hokan Language Family

Achumawi words
Atsugewi words
Chimariko words
Chumash words
Cochimi words
Cocopa words
Esselen words
Karok words
Kashaya words
Kiliwa words
Kumiai words
Havasupai words
Maricopa words
Mojave words
Oaxaca Chontal words
Paipai words
Pomo words
Quechan (Yuma) words
Salinan words
Seri words
Shasta words
Washo words

Iroquoian Language Family

Cayuga words
Cherokee words
Iroquois words
Laurentian words
Mohawk words
Nottoway words
Oneida words
Onondaga words
Seneca words
Susquehannock words
Tuscarora words
Wyandot/Huron words

Jivaroan Language Family

Achuar words
Aguaruna words
Huambisa words
Shuar words

Macro-Ge Language Family

Apinaye words
Bororo words
Xavante words

Mayan Language Family

Acatec words
Achi words
Aguacateco words
Chicomuceltec words
Ch'ol words
Chontal de Tabasco words
Chorti words
Chuj words
Huasteco words
Itza Maya words
Ixil words
Jacalteco words
Kakchikel Maya words
Kanjobal words
Kekchi words
Lacandon words
Mam words
Mocho words
Mopan words
Pocomchi words
Pokomam words
Quiche words
Sacapulteco words
Sipacapense words
Tectiteco words
Tojolabal words
Tzeltal words
Tzotzil words
Tzutujil words
Uspanteco words
Yucatec Maya words

Muskogean Language Family

Alabama words
Apalachee words
Chickasaw words
Choctaw words
Hitchiti words
Houma words
Koasati words
Miccosukee words
Muskogee words

Oto-Manguean Language Family

Amuzgo words
Chatino words
Chinanteco words
Chocho words
Chorotega words
Ixcatec words
Mangue words
Matlatzinca words
Mazahua words
Mazateco words
Mixteco words
Otomi words
Pame words
Popoloca words
Subtiaba words
Tlahuica words
Tlapaneco words
Triqui words
Zapotec words

Pano-Tacanan Language Family

Amahuaca words
Araona words
Atsahuaca words
Capanahua words
Cashibo words
Cashinahua words
Cavinena words
Chacobo words
Chitonahua words
Huarayo words
Katukina words
Kaxarari words
Marubo words
Mastanahua words
Matis words
Mayoruna words
Pacahuara words
Poyanawa words
Reyesano words
Sharanahua words
Shipibo words
Tacana words
Tuxinawa words
Yaminawa words
Yawanawa words

Penutian Language Family

Alsea words
Chinook words
Chinook Jargon words
Costanoan words
Kathlamet words
Klamath words
Miwok words
Nez Perce words
Maidu words
Molalla words
Tsimshian words
Wasco-Wishram words
Wintu words
Yakama Sahaptin words
Yokuts words

Salishan Language Family

Chehalis words
Coeur d'Alene words
Columbian words
Cowlitz words
Halkomelem words
Klallam words
Lushootseed words
Nooksack words
Nuxalk/Bella Coola words
Okanagan words
Quinault words
Salish words
Twana words
Straits Salish words

Siouan Language Family

Assiniboine words
Biloxi words
Catawba words
Crow words
Dakota Sioux words
Hidatsa words
Hochunk words
Kansa words
Lakota Sioux words
Mandan words
Ofo words
Omaha-Ponca words
Osage words
Oto words
Quapaw words
Sioux words
Stoney words
Tutelo words
Woccon words

Tucanoan Language Family

Bara words
Barasana words
Orejon words
Secoya words

Tupian Language Family

Guarani words
Shipaya words

Uto-Aztecan Language Family

Cahuilla words
Chemehuevi words
Comanche words
Cora words
Cupeno words
Gabrielino words
Hopi words
Huichol words
Juaneno words
Kawaiisu words
Luiseno words
Mayo words
Mono words
Nahuatl/Aztec words
Northern Paiute words
Opata words
Panamint words
Pima Bajo words
Pipil words
Serrano words
Shoshone words
Southern Paiute words
Tarahumara words
Tepehuan words
Tohono O'odham/Papago words
Tubatulabal words
Varihio words
Yaqui words

Wakashan Language Family

Haisla words
Heiltsuk words
Kwakiutl words
Makah words
Nootka words

Other American Indian Languages

Abipon words
Adai words
Amarakaeri words
Andoa words
Arabela words
Ayaman words
Aymara words
Ayoreo words
Beothuk words
Bora words
Camsa words
Cahuarano words
Candoshi words
Chayahuita words
Cofan words
Gayon words
Huachipaeri words
Huave words
Jebero words
Jirajara words
Kadiweu words
Karankawa words
Keres words
Kiowa words
Kootenai words
Mapuche words
Matlatzinca words
Michif creole words
Miskito words
Mixe words
Mocovi words
Muinane words
Muniche words
Ona words
Paez words
Pilaga words
Popoloca words
Puelche words
Quechua words
Quileute words
Sumu words
Tehuelche words
Tepehua words
Tewa words
Ticuna words
Timucua words
Tlahuica words
Toba words
Tonkawa words
Totonac words
Ulwa words
Urarina words
Vilela words
Waorani words
Wappo words
Warao words
Witoto words
Yagua words
Yuchi words
Yuki words
Zaparo words
Zoque words
Zuni words

Other Native Languages of the Americas

Hawaiian words
Inuktitut words
Aleut words
Yupik words
Alutiiq words

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