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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Irantxe Words

Welcome to our Irantxe vocabulary page! Irantxe is considered by many linguists to be part of the Arawakan language family, related to other languages like Ashaninka and Arawak. We have included twenty basic Irantxe words here, to compare with other American Indian languages. If you need to know a Irantxe word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our American Indian words fundraiser or visit our main Irantxe language site for more free resources.

Thanks for your interest in Native American languages!

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Irantxe Word Set

English/Français/Español Irántxe words
One/Un/Uno Kãtyapui
Two/Deux/Dos Apanuma
Man/Homme/Hombre Miya
Woman/Femme/Mujer Namui
Dog/Chien/Perro Kaxolo
Sun/Soleil/Sol Ire'
Moon/Lune/Luna Wirapu
Water/Eau/Agua Mina

Click here to see Irantxe vocabulary words compared to words in related Arawakan languages: Arawakan Indian Words

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