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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Kitsai Words

Kitsai has not been spoken since the early 1900's and few records of the language remain; however, the language was clearly most closely related to Pawnee and Wichita. Here are a few words in these three languages.

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Kitsai and Caddoan Word Set

English Kitsai Pawnee Wichita
Man W:ta Pita We'its
Woman Tsakwkt Tspaat Kahika
White Kaxtsnu Taka' Kuts
Red Kwahtnu Pahaat Kwats
Corn Kotay Reksu' Tais
Sweet potato 'Ihts c Its
Wind Ho'tonu Uuturu Noat
Grass A'tsi'u Iru Hants
Coyote 'Taxko Ckrihki Kitaks
Bear Wari:ni Kuruks Wira

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