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Native American Legends: Red-Woman

Name: Red-Woman
Alternate spellings: Red Woman
Tribal affiliation: Crow
Native names: Hi'cictawi'a, Hisshishtawia
Pronunciation: hee-sheesh-tah-wee-ah
Type: Monster, antagonist
Related figures in other tribes: Double Face (Sioux) Headless (Wichita), Man-Eater (Creek)

Red-Woman is an ogress from Crow folklore. Although she is sometimes identified as a cannibal, in many legends, she is a malevolent monster who kills just for the sake of killing, sometimes mutilating her victims in horrible ways. In some stories she used witchcraft to hypnotize people or affect their minds.

Red-Woman Stories

*Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away:
    Crow legend about Red-Woman murdering a pregnant woman.

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Myths and Traditions of the Crow Indians:
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