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Native American Legends: Whirlwind Woman

Name: Whirlwind Woman
Tribal affiliation: Arikara, Arapaho
Native names: Huupirikúsu
Pronunciation: hoo-pih-rih-koo-soo
Type: Nature spirit, tornados
Related figures in other tribes: Cyclone Person (Shawnee)

Whirlwind Woman is a powerful storm spirit of the northern Plains tribes. Although destructive and dangerous, she is not malevolent but rather a force of nature like the Thunderbird, and brings spiritual gifts and visions to worthy humans. In some traditions she has always been the spirit of the tornado, while in others, she was a human girl who turned into Whirlwind Woman after being carried away by a tornado.

Whirlwind Woman Stories

*Bounding Head:
    Arikara folklore about Whirlwind Woman and her children.

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