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Native American Goddesses

List of Native American Goddesses from Various Tribes

Atina (Arikara Indian goddess)
Changing Woman (Navajo Indian goddess)
Corn Mother (Wabanaki Indian goddess)
Evaki (Bakairi Indian goddess)
First Woman (Navajo Indian goddess)
*Hutash (Chumash Indian goddess)
Iriria (Bribri Indian goddess)
Kokomthena Paboth'kwe (Shawnee Indian goddess)
*Komorkis (Blackfoot Indian goddess)
Menil (Cahuilla Indian goddess)
Old-Lady (Blackfoot Indian goddess)
Onata (Iroquois Indian goddess)
Pachamama (Inca goddess)
Sedna (Inuit goddess)
Selu (Cherokee Indian goddess)
Silver Fox (Miwok Indian goddess)
Sky Woman (Iroquois Indian goddess)
Spider Grandmother (Hopi Indian goddess)
Spider Woman (Navajo Indian goddess)
*Unknown Woman (Choctaw Indian goddess)
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Sioux Indian goddess)

Native American Goddess Stories

*Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe:
    Lakota Indian legend about the White Buffalo Woman and the sacred pipe.
*Sedna, Mistress of the Underworld:
    Inuit myth about the life of the Native goddess Sedna.
*Haudenosaunee Creation Story * Sky Woman:
    Myths about the Iroquois goddess Sky Woman and the origin of the Haudenosaunee tribes.
*The Coming of Corn:
    Sauk story about a corn goddess who rewards two hunters for their generosity.
*The Spider Woman and the Twins:
    Stories about the Hopi creator goddess Spider Grandmother and her first creations.
*Goddesses of the Aztecs:
    Article comparing the three Aztec Indian goddesses Coatlicue, Chalchiuhtlicue, and Chicomecoatl.

Recommended Books about Goddesses in Native American Mythology
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Walk Now In Beauty: The Legend of Changing Woman:
    Retelling of the Navajo Creation Goddess myth, illustrated by traditional Native sandpaintings.
Sedna: Goddess of the Sea:
    Book of stories about the life and deeds of the Inuit sea goddess Sedna.
Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines:
    Very thorough reference work on female gods and heroes of world mythology, including 83 pages on Native American goddesses.
Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic:
    A less detailed but more affordable encyclopedia of goddesses from all corners of the world, including American Indian goddesses.
*Goddesses: Ancient Wisdom for Times of Change * The Lady of Ten Thousand Names: Goddess Stories from Many Cultures * The Book of Goddesses: A Celebration of the Divine Feminine:
    Three illustrated collections of stories about goddesses around the world, including Native North and Central American goddesses.

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