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Native American Legends: World Man

Name: World Man
Tribal affiliation: Ioway
Native names: Maianwatahe, Mayan Wadahe, Mayan Watahe
Pronunciation: mah-yahn-wah-tah-hay
Also known as: Everywhere Being, Everywhere Person, World-Man
Type: Dwarf hero, hunting god
Related figures in other tribes: Greasy Breast (Crow), Tshakapesh (Innu)

World Man, or Everywhere Being, is a dwarf-like god from Ioway mythology, associated with hunting, wealth, and good luck.

World Man Stories

*The Story of Maianwatahe:
    Iowa legend about a boy raised by the dwarf Maianwatahe.

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Lost Nation: The Ioway:
    Documentary films on Ioway culture and history including stories told by the remaining Ioway speakers.

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