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Native American Legends: Yehasuri (Wild Indians)

Name: Yehasuri
Tribal affiliation: Catawba
Pronunciation: yay-hah-soo-ree
Alternate spellings: Yenosu'riye, Yehasu'rie
Also known as: Wild Indians, Little Wild Indians, Wild People, Not Human Ones
Type: Native American little people, nature spirits
Related figures in other tribes: Kwanokasha (Choctaw), Tsundige'wi (Cherokee), Mannegishi (Cree)

Yehasuri are mischievous, dwarf-like nature spirits of Catawba folklore. Yehasuri are not generally dangerous creatures, but the tricks they play can sometimes be destructive, and they were sometimes used as bogeymen to warn children away from bad behavior.

Yehasuri Stories

*Catawba Little People:
    Catawba stories and traditions about the Yehasuri.

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