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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Popoluca Words

Welcome to our Popoluca vocabulary page! The Popoluca languages are Mixe-Zoquean languages, related to other languages like Mixe and Zoque. We have included twenty basic Popoluca words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. If you need to know a Popoluca word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our Native American translation fundraiser or visit our main Popoluca language site for more free resources.

Thanks for your interest in Native American languages!

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Popoluca Word Set

[Mixean] [Zoquean]
English (Français) Oluta Popoluca Sayula Popoluca Sierra Popoluca Texistepec Popoluca
One (Un) Tu'k Tu·c Tum Tum
Two (Deux) Mesko Mechc Wsten Huisna
Three (Trois) Tuvi'k Túgup Tukuten Tuguná
Four (Quatre) Maktasko Máctašp Maktasten Bacsná
Five (Cinq) Mokoško Mogošp Mosten Bosná
Man (Homme) Hayka'k Jayau Pshiñ Puuñ
Woman (Femme) Mahuwu To·šáy Yoomo Yooma'
Dog (Chien) Šu'ni Tac Chiimpa Chempa'
Sun (Soleil) Šivi Šujw Hama Jaam
Moon (Lune) Po'a Po· Poya  
Water (Eau) Ni: Nu· N' Nu'
White (Blanc) Po:po' Po·p Popo Popo'
Yellow (Jaune) Pu'c Pú·tsputs Pu'uch Puuche
Red (Rouge) Capac Tsábats Cabac Cha'pa'ch
Black (Noir) Yikik Yúguc Yk Yuc
Eat (Manger) Kay Tuncayp Iku'tpa Ku't
See (Voir) 'E:p Tune·p I'iishpa Ex
Hear (Entendre) Motow Tumárap Imatongpa Batung
Sing (Chanter) 'Iw Up Waanpa Wan
Leave (Partir) Yak Tuntsacp Icakpa Chac

Click here to see Popoluca vocabulary words compared to words in related Mixe-Zoque languages: Mixe-Zoque Indian Words

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