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Vocabulary Words in the Mixe-Zoque Language Family

Our Central American vocabulary sets do not include phonetic transcription. Since these Mixe-Zoquean words came from different sources with different orthographies, the value of comparing them to each other is limited. For example, the "x" that is used in some Mixe-Zoque words and the "" that is used in others are pronounced the same way, like the "sh" in "shy." In some orthographies the "c" is pronounced in the Spanish fashion (in other words, like a "s" before an "e" or "i" and like a "k" elsewhere) and in other orthgraphies it is pronounced as "ts" or "ch."

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Mixe-Zoque Word Sets

Mixean Words Zoquean Words
Mixe Mixean Popoluca Zoque Zoquean Popoluca
English (Franais) Mixe de Coatlan Mixe de Jaltepec Mixe de Tlahuitoltepec Oluta Popoluca Sayula Popoluca Zoque de Copainala Zoque de Francisco Leon Zoque de Rayon Chimalapa Zoque Ayapa Zoque Sierra Popoluca Texistepec Popoluca
One (Un) Tuuk Tu'k Tu"k Tu'k Tuc Tum Tum Tum Tum Tum Tum Tum
Two (Deux) Mehc Maehck Mahck Mesko Mechc Metza Meckuy Metsa Metza'ang Bech Wsten Huisna
Three (Trois) Tugiig Tig:k Tiki:k Tuvi'k Tgup Tucay Tu'kay Tuka' Tuwa'ang Tuguna' Tukuten Tugun
Four (Quatre) Midaax Mahktak Maktok Maktasko Mctap Macscuy Maksykuy Makshku' Maktaxang Baksna' Maktasten Bacsn
Five (Cinq) Migoox Migk Makvk Mokoko Mogop Mohsay Mosay Mosa' Moxang Bosna' Mosten Bosn
Man (Homme) Jaay Ha"y Ho:'y Hayka'k Jayau Pin Pin Pt Pn Ha:'ya Pshi Puu
Woman (Femme) Toodyik Mih Tv'vytihk Mahuwu Toy Yomo Yomo Yomo Yom' Yo:'mo' Yoomo Yooma'
Sun (Soleil) Xii i i:w ivi ujw Jama Hama Jama Jama Ha:ma' Hama Jaam
Moon (Lune) Po' Po" Pv' Po'a Po Poyah Poya Poya Xepe'   Poya  
Water (Eau) Nii Ni: Ni: Ni: Nu Ni Ni' N' N' Ndi' N' Nu'
White (Blanc) Poob Po:p Pv:p Po:po' Pop Popa Popa Pobo Popo' Po'ovo Popo Popo'
Yellow (Jaune) Pu'ch Pu'c Pv'c Pu'c Ptsputs Pu'tzi Pu'ci Pu'ts Pu'tz P'ci Pu'uch Puuche
Red (Rouge) Chapch Caps Cohpc Capac Tsbats Tzapas Capas Tsabas Tzapatz Cava'c Cabac Cha'pa'ch
Black (Noir) Yic Yik Yik Yikik Yguc Yic Yik Yk Joka' Yik Yk Yuc
Eat (Manger) Mucx Kay Kay Kay Tuncayp Cu't Ku't Kudb Kx Wi'k Iku'tpa Ku't
See (Voir) Ihx 'I 'E 'E:p Tunep 'Is 'Is Kyenb 'Ix   I'iishpa Ex
Hear (Entendre) Midw Midow Matvw Motow Tumrap Matong Madong Myadongb Matong Matong Imatongpa Batung
Sing (Chanter) Iw 'Iw 'I:p 'Iw Up Huan Wan Wanb Wan Wan Waanpa Wan
Leave (Partir) Choon Co'n Co'n Yak Tuntsacp Tzac Cahk Chajkp Tzak Cak Icakpa Chac

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