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Vocabulary Words in Native American Languages: Kickapoo-Sauk-Fox

This is just a basic vocabulary comparison page for the Kickapoo and Mesquakie-Sauk languages. Mesquakie and Sauk are considered dialects of the same language; Kickapoo is sometimes considered a third dialect but has diverged more and is usually treated as a separate language.

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Meskwaki-Sauk-Kickapoo Word Sets

English (Français) Meskwaki Sauk Kickapoo
One (Un) Nekoti Nekoti Nekoti
Two (Deux) Ni·šwi Nîshwi Niiswi
Three (Trois) Neswi Nethwi Neθwi
Four (Quatre) Nye·wi Nyêwi Niewi
Five (Cinq) Nya·nanwi Nyânanwi Niananwi
Man (Homme) Neniwa Neniwa Inenia
Woman (Femme) Ihkwe·wa Ihkwêwa Ihkweea
Dog (Chien) Anemo·ha Anemôha Anemwa
Sun (Soleil) Ki·šeswa Kîshethwa Kiiseθwa
Moon (Lune) Ki·šeswa Tepehkî-Kîshethwa Tepehkiiha
Water (Eau) Nepi Nepi Nepi
White (Blanc) Wa·peški Wâpeshk Waapesk
Yellow (Jaune) Asa·wi Athâw Oθaa
Red (Rouge) Meškwi Meshkw Meskwaa
Black (Noir) Mahkate·wi Mahkatêw Mahkateaa
Eat (Manger) Mi·čiwa Mîchiwa Iiθeniwa
See (Voir) Wa·patamwa Wâpatamwa Aapatamwa
Hear (Entendre) Ehtawe·wa Ehtamwa Ehtamwa
Sing (Chanter) Nakamowa Nakamowa Nakamoa
Leave (Partir) Nakane·wa Nâkwêwa Nakatamwa

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Sauk-Fox-Kickapoo Picture Dictionaries

Here are some themed Sauk-Fox and Kickapoo word lists we have put together and illustrated for language learners. Feel free to print them out for classroom purposes!

*Sauk animal words
*Kickapoo animal words

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