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Legendary Native American Figures: Sitconski (Sitcon'ski)

Name: Sitconski
Tribal affiliation: Assiniboine
Alternate spellings: Sichan Uski, Sitcon'ski, Sitkonsky, Sicanyuski, Sitcan'yuckin, Sichonski, Sichanski
Pronunciation: see-chawn-skee
Also known as: Inktomi
Type: Trickster
Related figures in other tribes: Iktomi (Sioux), Nihancan (Arapaho), Nixant (Gros Ventre), Wisagatcak (Cree)

Sitconski is the Assiniboine trickster figure. Although he is portrayed as a human man in Assiniboine folklore, Sitconski shares many similarities with the spider trickster Iktomi of the related Dakota and Lakota Sioux tribes, and many of the same stories are told in different Siouan tribes with only the identity of the protagonist differing. Indeed, Sitcon'ski is even referred to by the borrowed Sioux name "Inktomi" by some Assiniboine storytellers.

Sitconski Stories

Recommended Books of Sitconski Stories

American Indian Trickster Tales:
    Compilation of more than a hundred Sitconski and other trickster stories from many different tribes.
Use discretion sharing these with kids as some of the stories contain adult humor.

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