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Native American Legends: Splinter Foot Girl

Name: Splinter Foot Girl
Tribal affiliation: Arapahoe
Arapaho name: Heseihteesiisoo, Häsixtäciisan, Hasixtaciisan
Pronunciation: similar to hass-aih-tass-ee-saw
Also known as: Splinter-Foot Girl, Splinter-Foot Woman, Splinter-Foot, Splinterfoot, Foot-Stuck-Child, Tenderfoot Woman, Sore Foot Woman
Type: Heroine, star

Splinter Foot Girl is the heroine of an Arapaho legend cycle concerning her miraculous birth from the leg of a male hunter, her escape from aggressive suitors (a buffalo monster, powerful rock, or both), and her eventual transformation of herself and her family into the stars of the Pleiades.

Splinter Foot Girl Stories

*Splinter Foot Girl:
    Arapaho Indian legend about a mythical girl born from a splinter.

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